Divided we cannot stand.

I tried to stay off social media, I really did. However, curiosity got the best of me this past week. While watching current events unfold I was curious what others were saying. After reading a good amount of social media content I decided I couldn’t stay completely silent. I was saddened and surprised by some of what I read.

Once again platforms and titles were used to attack and speak on behalf of whatever title you chose to embrace. If they didn’t agree, you “politely” let them know. While continuing to argue over and over with each other with no attempt to come to some sort of agreement or solution. Many men and women who believe the same things and have common goals are choosing division and discord over coming together on the same accord.

The messages and “simple prayers” weren’t encouraging, uplifting, or messages of unity. Also, simple prayers and post aren’t thirty two paragraphs of your opinion…Please spare us your “posted prayer” and go pray for real. We need it. Pray to the Father. The only one who can heal our world. Yes, I said world. We have a global problem.

Our government is a mess and has been for a while. No one should be surprised by any of the worlds systems. Just because we have religious and political “sides” doesn’t mean either has the right to bash and destroy the other. You have the freedom to choose. Not to force others to choose…that’s not freedom.

Humanity has been a mess for a long time. In some cases history is repeating itself. Once again we are divided. Regardless of which “side” you are on division is the common theme with social media, conversations, media, and almost all social media platforms. Unity has taken a back seat and is waiting by for us to embrace it.

Division. The act of dividing. This is one of the primary tactics of warfare. A divided opponent is much easier to conquer. Humanity is much easier to conquer when divided. We are divided because we are choosing to not come together. Make no mistake, this is a choice. We must find a way to set aside our opinions, views, and feelings to come together and fight the common enemy. The common enemy is EVIL and everything that evil stands for. Can you not see this?

The enemy is not the government or your brother or sister who does not agree with you. It’s not the liberals, conservatives, or independents. It’s not Donald Trump or Joe Biden. It’s not the black, white, or brown people. The enemy is evil, and make no mistake, evil is laughing at us right now. Evil is laughing as we focus on destroying each other through hurt, disagreement, and discord.

Divided we cannot stand. Divided we have not stood. It’s only when we’ve come together for common good that the human race has accomplished great things. Choose unity, hate evil, fight for the common good to be accomplished. Fight to find out what fighting for good looks like. This may look different from person to person.

And literally for the the love of God people…The political/religious facebook sermons… You are entitled to your opinions, but I would encourage you to think, write, and then delete what you were going to post…Not every opinion needs to be posted. I do hope you share that much with other people in person…I sincerely hope that social media is not your only platform to share your life message and opinion… If you took action as much as you posted you could be a great help to humanity.

Lastly, remember you are posting on private platforms that choose what you can and can’t say. You absolutely have freedom of speech, but not through private companies that can choose what you can and can’t say. This is why it’s so important to take the fight for good into our world and off social media.

Your voice is much louder when you are your own platform not governed by private companies who have the right to stop you from talking if they see fit. Find your purpose, calling and passion and pursue it. Pursue it for the good of humanity. Be a voice in our world, not just on social media.

Published by Joshua S. Chase

My mission is to strengthen, encourage, and empower others.

8 thoughts on “Divided we cannot stand.

  1. Great insight on the topic. I’m going to read it again. Division is one of the biggest tools of the enemy!!! I believe that with my whole heart. He is laughing at us. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Once again, my friend, right on the money. There is power in a personal conversation… hopefully we have not relegated that to the level of a FB post.


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