Christian Slaves

What does it mean to be a slave to something? To be owned and to be under someone’s control. Not how most of us want to live, but it’s how a lot of us do. It’s how I lived for the past couple of years. I became a slave to grief, depression, and sadness inside a system of religion that could offer me no help.

I was a Christian Slave.

You see, most people would tell you that when you accept Jesus you are completely free. That’s not entirely true. Accepting Jesus does not set you free from your past or current situation. It puts you on a strong path to freedom, but it’s continuing into a journey with God the father that will set you free. You can be free from addictions, fear, and anything else holding you back from the life He promises. This my friend is a journey not a moment. 

Unfortunately, what happens to most of us is that we become slaves to a system of religion that may not be connected to God the Father or to the journey of finding complete freedom in the Father. In most cases, once you accept Jesus it’s more connected to church attendance, giving, and serving on church teams. Then we wrap that up in a box and call it Christianity. It’s not attractive, or is it? For most, they keep caught up in it is until one day they realize it’s not helping them.

All the while we’re listening to the sermons, singing the songs, giving our money, and going to the small groups. Still wondering why we’re still struggling in life? We accepted Jesus and the pastor says I am free now. He said this sermon would make me feel better. He said Jesus loves me, again. The guy I got coffee with told me I just need to have faith. So, I just keep repeating the same pattern over and over for days, weeks, months or even years.

You do all those things Christians are supposed to do but you’re still depressed, you still live with anxiety everyday, suffer from panic attacks, you’re watching porn, drowning in debt, on the verge of being an alcoholic, addicted to heroin, binge watching shows, finding comfort in food, seeking validation in the wrong relationships, and popping pills just so you can make it to the next possible good moment. That doesn’t sound like freedom to me. That sounds like a prison within the walls of a system of religion.

But we go to church as Christian Slaves and live this life we call Christianity. Then we try and sell it to other people – as if they would really want what we have; a life that doesn’t look much better than theirs. We offer them freedom, when we ourselves do not know how, or have not been shown how to live free. Resonating yet?

So, what’s the answer? What does freedom look like? In short, a relationship with God the Father, not a relationship with religion. I’ll be talking about that next. Trust me, you want freedom, but you don’t want to be part of a system that is not designed to truly set you free. God is the only one who can do that.

Thoughts, comments and perspectives welcome. I don’t mind a little discussion. Who knows, I could learn a thing or two.

Published by Joshua S. Chase

My mission is to strengthen, encourage, and empower others.

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