Comfort Kills Progress

Comfort… I know. You’ve been in the fire department a little while, have a good grasp on the job, a decent reputation and someone told you “you’re a good fireman.” You’ve probably been in about 5-7 years and feel like you’re not a new guy, but your not an old guy. Life is good. What else is there? You’re comfortable. Yea… Comfortable is not a good thing…

You know what “comfortable” means? You’re dangerous. It also means that comfort’s close friend is right around the corner. Complacency. Trust me you don’t want that either bruh. Keep learning, moving, leading and stay sharp. Don’t settle. Find something to advance in. Anything. Don’t stop because you’re feeling comfortable. It’s dangerous. 

Comfort is the killer of all progress. Comfort will tell you to stop moving and start settling. You don’t want that. You’re comfortable right now? Don’t be. It might be time to make yourself uncomfortable. It might be time for a new fire service goal or task. There is nothing wrong with gaining confidence in your abilities as a firefighter. It will make you “feel” comfortable in performing the job. However, comfort as a mindset is dangerous. Don’t do that. 

– Josh Chase

Published by Joshua S. Chase

My mission is to strengthen, encourage, and empower others.

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