Quitting Already???

Quitting already??? Well it’s the second week of the year and you had crazy goals and aspirations for 2023. Already, you’re thinking about quitting. It’s been a week! You are already starting to make small compromises and excuses as to why you will not accomplish these things. Why? It’s because what you are setting out to do is hard. It’s not easy and the road looks daunting. 

This year you were going to lose 15 pounds and fit back into that turnout gear you’ve been squeezing into. This year you were going to fit back into your dress uniform. In January you were going to sign up for a rescue class but missed the dead line. This year you were going to study for promotion, but are now considering not even buying the books. This year you were motivated to change your attitude, but are still talking shit about B shift eating all the ice cream. Ok wait, let’s not get carried away. B shift did eat all the ice cream and it’s rude…

My point. If you chose some worthy goals for the fire service this year, it should be hard. Why would you want easy? Easy is for people that want to serve donuts. No disrespect if you serve donuts, it just looks easy… We’re one week in and you want to quit already! We’re not doing that. We chose hard things to challenge ourselves this year and we’re going to get them done. 

You want to accomplish all you set out to do on the fire service this year? Set big goals to give your self some direction. Then, start small. Squeezing back into bunker pants? Maybe start with walking instead of a marathon. Study for a promotional exam? Buy the material. New certification you want? Do the research and sign up for the class! It’s the small consistent steps over time that win the wars in life and move us toward our goals.

It’s week two. Do what you said you were gonna do. Not because you told other people and feel bad about not doing it. Do it because you told yourself you wanted to accomplish something great this year and it’s worth it! You need a hand with goals? I know a guy… It’s Week two 2023… Go. 

Josh Chase 

Published by Joshua S. Chase

My mission is to strengthen, encourage, and empower others.

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