The Jump seat leadership seminar is all about informal leadership in the fire service. The fire service has suffered due to the lack of leadership at the informal levels, and we are changing that. We are slowly losing experience as men and women retire. We cannot forget how important it is to teach the next generation of firefighters to lead from the jump seat. Leaders wanted; bugle not required.

I offer a 2 hour seminar , 4 hour seminar, and 6 hour seminar with a Q & A session. The 6 hour seminar is my “full day” seminar. You can find the seminar info below, but please feel free to contact me with any questions! 

As far as host organization, expenses include the cost of the seminar and that travel and room and board expenses are covered. Contact for seminar pricing for your department today! Webinars are also available.

If you need more than one day, I can do that. I just require room and board be taken care of for the extra day. I hope I answered all your questions and we can make this work! I try to be as affordable as possible.

Jump Seat Leadership Seminar Details:

We cannot continue to let the fire service suffer due to lack of leadership. Jump seat leadership focuses on training and educating personnel in the fire service to lead at the informal level. We cover basic principles of leadership and focus primarily on individuals who do not hold a leadership position, rather we equip and prepare the men and women in the fire service to lead in whatever position they hold. From the apparatus bay floor, to the office door, we are changing the fire service through strengthening informal leadership.

Learning Objectives:

Students will learn the basic principles of formal and informal leadership and how they pertain to the fire service.

Practical steps from REAL life experiences on how you can effectively and efficiently lead from the jump seat.

Students will walk away with the understanding that they can start leading today, verses waiting to secure a title or promotion to lead.

Students will gain insight into establishing vision and goals for themselves as they make the decision to lead at the informal level.


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